“Empowering Global Trade – Unveiling the eTRADE PROGRAMME 2.0 with Mr. Nor Azman Adam”

In our recent Alibaba event, we had the privilege to host a distinguished speaker, Mr. Nor Azman Adam, Manager of the Transformation and Digital Trade Division at MATRADE. With a wealth of experience and insights, Mr. Nor Azman Adam shed light on the transformative eTRADE PROGRAMME 2.0 and its role in propelling Malaysian businesses into the global marketplace.

🌍 “MATRADE’s Expansive Global Network”: Mr. Nor Azman Adam elucidated the extensive reach of MATRADE’s regional offices and global network. He underscored how this network acts as a cornerstone, offering businesses a strategic advantage by connecting them to international markets and opportunities.

🚀 “Navigating the Export Journey with MATRADE”: Attendees were taken on a journey that unveiled the intricacies of exporting with MATRADE. Through insights and real-world examples, Mr. Nor Azman Adam demonstrated how businesses can tap into MATRADE’s expertise and resources to optimize their export ventures.

💡 “Decoding eTRADE PROGRAMME 2.0”: One of the event’s highlights was the detailed exploration of the eTRADE PROGRAMME 2.0. Mr. Nor Azman Adam broke down its three key pillars: a. Accelerating Exports via eCommerce: The programme kickstarts and accelerates exports by enabling Malaysian SMEs to participate in international eCommerce platforms. b. Enabling Sustainable Presence on Cross-Border Platforms: The eTRADE PROGRAMME 2.0 assists businesses in establishing a valuable and enduring presence on cross-border eCommerce platforms. c. Nurturing Online Business Growth: Businesses gain support in maintaining their online ventures, including digital marketing, eCommerce training, and export promotions, enhancing their exposure and opportunities.

💰 “Unlocking Financial Incentives”: Mr. Nor Azman Adam unveiled the financial incentives that come with the eTRADE PROGRAMME 2.0. Attendees learned about the onboarding scheme designed to facilitate businesses’ entry into the global eCommerce arena. Additionally, the Digital Marketing & Training scheme’s details were shared, outlining the comprehensive support offered to businesses in enhancing their digital capabilities.

This event was an enlightening experience that showcased how MATRADE is diligently working to empower Malaysian businesses to thrive in the digital age. With eTRADE PROGRAMME 2.0, businesses have a roadmap to establish their footprint in global markets, guided by expertise, financial incentives, and a network of support.

As we reflect on this event, we extend our gratitude to Mr. Nor Azman Adam for sharing his insights and guiding businesses towards success on the international stage. Keep an eye out for future events as we continue to foster growth, learning, and global connectivity.