About Us

We started our journey as an IT solutions company in 2019 to help SMEs and businesses to overcome digital challenges in sales and marketing. We pride ourselves to be the first mover and pioneer in developing the first Sales Force Multiplier platform, namely Megadian Connect. In Megadian, we help SMEs to build affiliate marketing systems and apps to connect their online and offline businesses.


  • We understand our client’s needs
  • Innovative technology
  • We adapt to our client’s need
  • Passionate & Professional Team
  • Good customer training & support

Inspire Greater Success & Opportunities
in Digital Transformation

Lee Siew Hock


Professional Experiences

  • He has more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing of various industries including fintech, technology, business finacing advisory and wellness products.
  • He holds various positions as board of directors and CEOs in various companies spanning different industries including technology, private equity, event management, sales & marketing.
  • He is an experienced speaker in various forums and events. Has spoken in more than 1500 events throughout Malaysia and overseas.
  • Chairman of Digital Ecosystem committee for Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand Committee.
  • Featured in SinChew’s Pocket Times (Malaysia’s leading Chinese media) online forum as one other

Always Looking For A Better Way To
Inspire Entrepreneurs To Do The Same

Ben Tan


Professional Experiences

  • He established and lead the faculty of computing for Segi University and Colleges for 15 years.
  • Passionate about education, he has trained and helped many students from multi national companies to embrace the digital world.
  • Developed one of the pioneering software for Mobile Enforcement System for Malaysia’s City Municipal Council.
  • Developed and marketed software for Point of Sales (POS) system to small business and highway F&B operators.
  • International Advisor in Digital Ecosystem of APC.
  • Founder of Pedoman Network