Digitalise, Prioritise, And Monetise

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This post was originally published on Businesstoday,  by Cynthia Ignatius March 15.2023

Digitalise, Prioritise, And Monetise

In Malaysia, most traditional SMEs and budding entrepreneurs are aware that technology can  be used for process improvements and cost efficiency. And yet, as a potent marketing and  engagement tool, they are often not utilised effectively to scale and increase revenues. This  is often due to limited resources and a lack of technical know-how. As a result, a helping hand  is often needed for that final sprint across the finish line.  

This is where Megadian comes in. At its core, Megadian is an IT solutions consultancy firm  that enables digital solutions for businesses that are relevant to the current times.  Appropriately, ‘dian’ in mandarin means ‘shop’ (or ‘storefront’), and Megadian is thus a  tongue-in-cheek nod towards a ‘big shop’ where business owners can grow and showcase  their offerings to a wider audience, to go along with a robust affiliate marketing network with  Megadian Connect. 

Founded by serial entrepreneurs Lee Siew Hock and Ben Tan in 2019, Megadian has assisted  incumbents in filling in their digital resource gaps and adapting to a changing business  landscape. The company takes great pride in providing prompt and effective solutions,  including customising websites, developing apps, and providing the backend affiliate  marketing support necessary that will benefit a client’s growth trajectory.  


Megadian’s main objective is to assist SMEs in setting up their digital infrastructure. The key  is to soften the learning curve for traditional businesses and other neglected segments to  participate in the local e-commerce community. Megadian works closely with clients to drive  the adoption of web-based solutions for their business as a new way to engage with  customers, freeing up sales-driven enterprises to focus on their core competencies and  perfecting their products and services. 

This is achieved without shortcuts on due diligence and is enhanced with Megadian’s  proprietary Sales Force Multiplier, developed in-house as a robust affiliate marketing roadmap  that considers a client’s digitalization ambitions and continuity strategy.  


Both founders, Lee Siew Hock and Ben Tan, were schoolmates. Siew Hock is a prolific  speaker with various board positions in prominent companies. He has over two decades of  sales and marketing experience in various capacities and industries, including fintech,  technology, wellness, and financial advisory. 

Meanwhile, Ben’s soft-spoken demeanour belies a fiery passion for education. He has been  credited for establishing the Faculty of Computing for Segi College (and University) more than  20 years ago, where he was also a long-serving dean at the tertiary institution’s campus. 

Both entrepreneurs have debunked the misconception that working with friends is a hazardous  endeavour, and this passion project has further strengthened the bond between them. Even  Ben’s crippling impediment has not prevented this dynamic duo from achieving their joint  vision of helping enterprises transform and migrate from offline brick-and-mortar setups to the  digital and emerging Web3 world.  

Collectively, their team brings years of experience as part of Megadian’s natural progression  in helping existing stakeholders access new sales pipelines and funnels. “The traditional way  of doing business requires manpower and time, and the results achieved are often slower,”  said Siew Hock, CEO of Megadian. “After meeting Ben and having an in-depth discussion,  we both had the same vision and concluded that by combining our strengths, skill sets, and a  multitude of experiences, we can transform businesses and lead a marketing frontier with new  digital methods.”

“It’s not just about helping by setting up a website, microsite, smartphone app, a sales funnel,  and leaving our clients to their own devices,” explained Ben, CTO of Megadian. “But it’s to  sync up all these moving parts to generate new leads and increase sales revenue organically.  Concerns are also addressed, and practical solutions will be administered as they are  empowered to embark on a journey of digital innovation discovery.” 


It was never about well-known household names but rather merchants such as furniture  retailer Office Z, jeweller Venessa Diamonds, and wellness purveyor Promistz among many  others, that have flourished within Megadian’s ecosystem. 

It starts with exposing companies to an overview of what’s possible without the overwhelming  technical jargon. From there, Megadian will play the role of proficiency standard bearer to  assist, where applicable, with key insights to comprehensively set up their online presence.  This also includes what it entails to maintain these digital tools. Megadian’s systems can also  be customized to suit a business’s goals and positioning strategies.  

Basic packages start at RM5,000 per year, with renewal at RM3,600 annually. Advance  packages start at RM12,500 and renew at RM10,800 subsequently each year for a more  comprehensive suite of services. There are also bespoke options that can be customized  based on the requirements of a client. What Megadian Connect has at its disposal is a  platform to reach the Malaysian market and beyond effectively. And that’s with the combination  of a front-end website and a mobile app for affiliates.  

Megadian’s backend proprietary software modules for lead generation play the role of a virtual  salesperson 24/7. Referral marketing is accentuated with a reward system and payment  gateway to bring all these components together. Customers can now become brand  ambassadors, sharing their brand experiences on social media with their friends and families. 

From there, the strength of their products and services can speak for themselves in an  amplified manner. There is quantifiable progress in capitalizing on Megadian Connect to  usher in the long-term value proposition to their customers. 


In other ways, Megadian also leads to the betterment of a household’s economic situation  which results in positive network effects. For example, a primary caregiver in a family, such  as a stay-at-home spouse, can now earn a commission fairly with full transparency as a result of Megadian Connect.  

They and other individuals looking for a part-time job can now also support their families and  take control of their financial futures. By offering them a flexible means of earning income, we  are enabling them to make a positive impact in their social circles and communities. 

Likewise, as an Alibaba Global Partner, Megadian ensures that ready clients can expand their  reach to international markets with Gold and Verified Supplier memberships. For B2B 

instances, Megadian sets up portals for the local market so that a client’s suppliers can  request quotations and communicate with the relevant business team.  

For Megadian, regional expansion is also in the works with a comprehensive marketing  strategy to address specific needs and evaluate different distribution channels to reach target  customers in various jurisdictions. Megadian will participate in relevant seminars and events  and look to build partnerships with local organizations to assist clients and respond to market  changes.  

“The combination of our various platforms gives our clients access to a wide range of potential  customers, maximizing their marketing efforts and increasing their chances of success,”  added Ben. “With our expertise and cutting-edge technology in Megadian Connect, we are  committed to helping our clients to grow their businesses by leaps and bounds.”